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Dust Collector

Dust Collector, which is one of the engines of vacuum and smoke that causes air pollution from several industrial systems. In industrial systems such as pouring material, welding, sieving flour, the system falls material from the conveyor to a different conveyor, and some applications need others that cause dust and smoke to be sucked by selling dust collector, the dirty air is filtered and separated in dust and air, dust or smoke entering the shelter while the air is discharged out of the factory until air pollution can be overcome.
Dust is one thing that is so disturbing in the industrial world more - more if the dust fills the workspace. But on the other hand, some dust can be used to be more useful, for example wood powder. In this case wood powder can be an alternative fuel for boiler feed. The average wood industry has a dry kiln / wood oven that uses a boiler machine to provide heat. Boiler machines that use solid fuel / wood waste can be combined with wood powder. This kind of thing will increase the heat of the boiler more quickly and the pressure increases faster.
With the sale of boiler transport system dust collector is one of the alternatives to the use of wood powder, apart from that the heat of the boiler is also increasing faster and the operator is not so bothered to feed the boiler along the combustion system.
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